Wygodny Rower is a chain of biker stores and service centers in Warsaw. We promote biker culture and try to show that cycling is not only great fun and a way to spend free time, but also and primarily – a way of life.

We help to choose a perfect bike for your posture, life style, interests and daily mileage on two wheels. We are aware that there is no universal comfortable bike, because every person has individual definition of comfort. Personalized thing is what gives the joy and comfort of ride.

So you like fast city ride and believe that bike’s power is enchanted in cyclist’s legs? Choose a fixed gear bike.

Or maybe you prefer not that fast, relaxing ride with straighten back? Go for a city bike.

Still wobble between a “Dutch” and a “fixed gear”? Try a single speed with narrow tyre and handlebar break.

Maybe you bowl on the blacktop of suburbean routes? Road bike will match you perfectly.

If you want to buy a bike and have no clue what to choose, come to us. We’ll find your perfect, comfortable bike!

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