Dutch is a classic city bike. Typical amsterdam is an icon and quintessence of retro cycle.

Biker hype in Amsterdam dates back to the 1860s. Today almost every citizen of Holland rides to work and school (and simply for fun) by bicycle, or, how they say in Dutch, fiets. Many Dutchmen still use the simplest and most basic old omafiets (“grandma’s bike”). In Poland, classic Dutch bikes are often called koza (“goat”) and commonly associated with popular in communist times of PRL Ukraina brand. Strong construction entails heavy weight, but it is not a huge price for sterling and comfortable city bike.

Classic line

Traditionally, the Dutchmen that set the tone for vintage bicycle style are women’s – with a strongly lowered frame, with a characteristic rounded line. Dutch bicycles are also available in the opa-fiets version – with a “male” frame.

The construction of city bikes from the Netherlands is very simple – it is based on large wheels, basic equipment with a hub brake. Traditionally, these bikes had no gears at all, now they often have 3 gears in the rear hub. Although today city bikes, even of traditional Dutch companies such as Gazelle, come in a wide range of colors – the classic ones were usually black with white details.

Just like in other city bikes, additional equipment plays a significant role in Dutch bikes. Thanks to the characteristic oma-fiet stand, you can freely place it anywhere and additionally secure it with a built-in rear wheel lock. Comfortable traveling, even in a long coat or dress, is ensured by chain and rear wheel covers, and even heavy shopping or a bag will be carried by a strong trunk.

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