Karol Popławski

The Founding Father. Comes from a long line of Warsaw merchants. Sociologist by title, collector by passion. Loves original and old bicycles, which he has a dozen. His mechanic vibe could have been marked since early childhood, when he constructed and repaired his two wheels with himself. Besides, interested in furniture and car renovation.

Paulina Krasucka

Passionate interior decorator, fixed gear biker in the city. Pleases her artistic soul in WR by styling customers' two wheels. Not only does she stick a flower here and there, but also, mentored by Maciek, takes another steps towards true wheel profficiency. One day she'll become one of the very few proffessional woman-servisants in Warsaw.

Paweł Sendal

He made friends with the bike when he was 8. Since that time, as a proffesional racer, he has been going on a races with polish and foreing teams, winning the Polish Championships medals in track and road cycling again and again. He is a road bikes nerd in WR. Nothing unusual - he knows almost everything about them!

Marcin Olszewski

Bike passion has been handed down in his family from generation to generation. His great-grandfather entered the first "Freedom Bicycle Race". He has been working in bicycle industry for 6 years. The bike is his main means of transport. After hours he organizes bike trips all over the world. He specializes in trekking bikes and renovation of the vintage road bikes.

Małgorzata Kończycka

Passionate biker and the bike trips lover. Combination of those two passions resulted in entering in MTB marathons and XC races - both with many successes. Currently fixated with road racing. Fit and active for years - besides cycling, runs a lot and in the wintertime goes cross-country skiing. After hours takes another steps towards photography profficiency, listenig to her beloved music at the same time.

Janusz Kończycki

Cheerful, kind and helpful. Extremely witty. Mountains lover - dreams about living in a little hut in Himalaya mountains. Fit and active for years - spends his spare time on cycling, running and wandering.