Gravel/Adventure bikes are a new class on the market. Changes in the construction of bicycles and their accessories in recent years have made it possible to design models that allow for quick and comfortable travel on paved roads.

This is mainly due to the appropriate geometry of the frame and the materials and solutions used in it. The shorter frame makes us travel in a comfortable position, which is especially important on longer, multi-day trips. We have the option of using wider tires that absorb unevenness well.

Originating in the United States, the gravel driving trend has its origins in the type of paved roads that stretch for hundreds of miles through the wasteland. There are more and more such roads in Poland – the closest to their character are forest fire roads. If we want to get to a remote forest by road and then drive around it using these roads, gravel will work great.

The difference between this type of bike and cross-country is forced by a different purpose. The cross-country bike is designed for intensive riding on a winding, variable route that is technically demanding. The race is short and comfort is not a primary need. Gravel, on the other hand, feels good on long straight sections, which often take several hours to complete.

In addition, Gravel / Adventure bikes give you the option of installing additional racks and holders. This is important for everyone who goes on a long journey by bicycle. Mounting racks, several bottle cages and additional accessories, e.g. on the front fork, allow the use of a wide range of panniers, bags and transport sacks. In addition, these bikes can be equipped with solutions from the bike packing family, e.g. from Apidura.

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