Comfortable and convenient monocycle for urban rides and everyday travels on the streets and cycle lanes.

This bike is just perfect for everyday trips to and from work, school, shopping or meetings in the city. Thanks to its construction, city bike allows comfortable straight body position and convenience during pacing miles of urban jungle. The most classic of classics among city bikes is a typical basic Dutch, however modern models significantly differ in construction design.

Convenient design

A traditional city bike usually has large wheels – even 28 inches, with a narrow, quite smooth tire and a wide, high-mounted handlebar. Riding comfort is also ensured by wide, soft saddles on springs. In modern bicycles intended for urban use, we sometimes also find front suspension.

Comfortable city bikes often come with a lady-type frame, the construction of which makes it even easier to get on and off. City bikes, whether classic Dutch or modern models, usually have at least 3 gears, often in the hub, allowing you to change the gear also when stationary. This solution is enough to adjust the gears during urban driving, and the mechanism itself is easy to maintain.

City bikes are usually equipped with coaster or drum brakes in the hub. In addition, they can have front rim brakes or a dynamo built into the hub that powers bicycle lighting.

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Accessories – stylish and useful

If we use such a citibike instead of public transport – commuting to the office or school – it is important that it is equipped with a full chain cover, mudguards or a rear wheel cover. Such elements will protect an elegant wardrobe from getting dirty or simply screwed into a chain.

The city bike can be freely equipped thanks to numerous bicycle accessories – such as baskets, racks, various lighting, so that it is a comfortable and fashionable means of transport in crowded cities.