Damka is a traditional term for a bicycle with a geometry characterized by a lowered frame.

Women’s bikes are primarily associated with the Dutch and city bikes, but in fact, practically every type of two-wheeler can have its women’s version, for many people simply more comfortable. Precisely because of the comfort, but often also the indispensable style, women’s bikes are a popular version of two wheels – especially on city paths.

A fashionable urban classic

The Dutch lady is probably one of the most recognizable bicycle shapes. The characteristic curved line of the lowered frame is an indicator of bicycle retro. The construction of women’s city bikes refers to the Dutch tradition of oma-fiets. “Granny’s bike”, also sometimes called widdo-fiets (literally: “widow’s bike”) – has a simple structure with large wheels, very basic equipment with a brake, sometimes also hub gears. Classically, they were only black (hence the “widow” term), today there are many color versions and their economical form can be freely expanded with a whole range of accessories – from vintage baskets to modern panniers or lighting.

A classic urban lady for an elegant cyclist remains such a “little black dress”. It goes with everything and for every occasion – for decades it has been appreciated by style icons such as Marlin Monroe and Audrey Hepburn. Its construction allows you to ride in your favorite dress or coat. The protection of the wardrobe is provided by chain and rear wheel covers, which in themselves can be used to emphasize your own cycling style.

Bicycle accessories that can be added to a women’s bike are almost as broad as fashion accessories. They can be very practical – such as trunks, baskets or bells, as well as purely decorative. Colorful saddle covers, decorative valve caps or garlands of artificial flowers on the handlebars and trunk will help provide the original appearance of the two-wheeler. Although thanks to solid trunks and baskets, the city lady is great for transporting women’s small items, you can choose specially attached bags for it. Most of them will fit a laptop or documents, and after taking them off the bike, they will not differ in any way from an everyday women’s handbag.

Women’s Bikes

Traditional women’s bikes can be found in the offer of the largest bicycle manufacturers, led by the popular Dutch brand Gazelle, which offers both classics in retro style and women’s versions of modern city bikes. For years, British Pashley models have also captivated with their classic line – traditional ones, such as Princess and Brittania, or Poppy, tempting with girly, pastel colors.

Comfort on the road

Although the popular image of a lady is a city bike with a wicker basket, cyclists who value comfort while practicing cycling have a wide selection of models with a lowered frame. Women’s versions of mountain bikes, cross bikes or trekking bikes allow you to engage in cycling sports without limits. We can find them, for example, in the offer of the Polish bicycle company with traditions Romet. Lovers of fast, agile driving and light equipment may also be interested in classic road bikes in the women’s version. They combine the convenience of movement with a sporty vintage style.

Cycling equality

Although the name suggests that ladies are intended for the female population of lovers of two wheels, one should not succumb to stereotypes. Although the design of the bike with a lowered frame was created for cyclists who move around in skirts and dresses, the comfort of it is also enjoyed by men. Especially urban cyclists appreciate the amenities of the “female” versions of the Dutch. The classic design defends itself against all divisions with its elegant line and timeless functionality.