Today there is a full market of various bicycles dedicated for children. From first balance bikes, through models with additional training wheels attached to the rear, to trekking or MTB bikes for youngsters – you can buy more than you can even imagine.

There was a time when learning how to ride a bike started with three wheeled bike. Next step was riding on a bicycle with parallel training wheels which might have been removed and replaced with parent’s guard. Nowadays that scheme no longer exists: the variety of kids bikes grew to a huge number. First child’s bikes tend to be more and more often a balance bike which has no pedals, but allows baby biker to learn how to balance on a monocycle from the very beginning. It is a great alternative for “outdated” three-wheelers, and often eliminates the need of the training wheels stage in the next, more “adult” bike. Construction of bicycles for older kids and youngsters and those for adult bikers is very alike. Mountain bikes, trekking bikes, city bikes – all may have derailleurs and front amortization, and are usually fully equipped with carriers and mudguards. The most important thing in case of kids bikes if to be robust and safe. That also applies to bike lights, warning devices, and, of course, a helmet to protect young biker’s head.